Integration courses and language courses

How to learn German – Integration courses and language courses

– For people with no or little knowledge of the German language, there are integration courses.
Integration courses are courses of level A1-B, which are designed and financially promoted by the Federal Office for Migration and refugees(BAMF) They include  the „German Test for Immigrants (A2 / B1)“ and the test „Life in Germany“.
– New immigrants (except EU citizens) are obliged to attend these courses and have to get the course approved by the Ausländerbehörde.
– For EU citizens participation is voluntary.
– The integration course includes: 600 hours of language tuition and 60 hours orientation course (Culture, law and history of Germany).
– There are special integration courses with 900 lessons: For people without
Knowledge of the Latin alphabet and for women and men with Children in compulsory school age.
– Participation in the integration courses is with cost. Upon request, persons who
receive unemployment benefits or housing benefits, are exempt from costs.
– Before starting a course you have to take a classification test at a language school.

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