Child and Family Education

KIFA – Kinder- und Familienbildung (Child and Family Education)

– Kifa is a parent education program which supports parents in their educational skills.
– Kifa ftakes place in the immediate living environment – e.g. in the day care center – and works with the opportunities and strengths of the parents. Mothers out of their parenthood,
who are trained to mentor, hold parenting courses in day care centers or Kindergarten (2 hours a week). Child care is available.
– Topics in the courses are eg language training, exercise, healthy diet.
set boundaries, media consumption, violent upbringing etc.

Stadt Ludwigsburg
Fachbereich Bildung und Familie

Mathildenstraße 21/1
71638 Ludwigsburg
Phone: (0 71 41) 9 10-20 25


Person of contact:
Christina Burk

– Equal opportunities for all children, regardless of their origin
– Strengthening the parenting skills
– Strengthening the community and self-help skills of families
in a district

Carrier: Ludwigsburg, Neumayer Foundation

Bus: 413, 421, 422, 425, 427, 429, 430, 431, 433, 443, 444, 533, stop Rathaus