Visiting a doctor

Which doctor should I go to?

You can choose the doctor freely. But within a quarter you may only go to the same doctor you have already been to with your treatment certificate. If you need help in finding a suitable doctor, ask your helper circle, the hours for decentralized housed asylum seekers or asylum social counseling centers.

Doctor offices are usually open from Monday to Friday. The opening times vary, depending on the doctor. It is better to pre-arrange a doctor’s appointment. If you need a doctor during the night or on weekends, but it is not an emergency, you can call here:

Notfallpraxis Ludwigsburg
Phone: (0 71 41) 64 30 43-0

Dental help
Telephone: (07 11) 7 87 77 33

Eye emergency service:
Phone: (0 71 41) 1 92 22

Psychiatric emergency service:
Phone: (0 71 41) 9 96 78 80

Doctor and pediatrician

If you do not feel emotionally or physically healthy, first go to a regular doctor. Children have to go to a pediatrician. This doctor takes over the basic care and is the first contact for all diseases. He performs a preliminary investigation and decides on the further treatment.

If treatment is necessary by a specialist, the general practitioner (regular doctor) or the pediatrician will refer you there. With the transfer of the general practitioner or pediatrician you get a Krankenbehandlungsschein for specialized doctors in the Office of Social Services.


Specialists specialize in a medical field and take over after referral by a general practitioner further treatment.

Should an operation be necessary, you can create a cost estimate for the cost of surgery by your doctor. This estimate must always be approved prior to the planned operation by the Social Welfare Office, otherwise the costs are not covered. The same applies to psychotherapeutic treatment, physiotherapy, medical aids and so on. The Office of Social Services also must approve (eg after surgery) advance rehabilitation measures.